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The Heavy Hog Smokers!
“Where BBQ Is A Life Style”

For the last 2 years we have been cooking  competition BBQ, winning and breaking hearts. With the  experience of “Pitmaster” Steve Dixon and our closely-guarded BBQ secrets, we regularly turn-in some of the best slow-smoked meat cooked in the MBN barbeque  competition circuit.

Every year we take-on more and more  contests, go head-to-head with bigger and better barbeque cooking teams;  and refine our skills with each and every showing. This 2014 year we are  planning to travel all across the country with the KCBS and MBN Tours... showing off our skills to a whole new group of pit masters.

Meet the “Pitmaster”


The Heavy Hog Smokers BBQ Team was founded by Steve Dixon in 2012. Pitmaster Steve has cooked in numerous BBQ competitions for the last 25 years. Steve is a native born Texan from Conroe, TX. Steve first started cooking in BBQ competitions in 1987 for the Texas based BBQ Competition Team, “East Side Good Guys”. Over the years, Steve has been perfecting his BBQ smoking skills with other BBQ Teams before starting his own Team, “Heavy Hog Smokers”.

Want  a World Championship BBQ Team to cook at your next event or party?

Email or Call Pitmaster Steve at (901)487-8163 for details!